Concerning these various essays I have written, I ask that you write me if you have anything you would like to say or add, especially any serious suggestions on how we can solve these problems. We can only do this together, through peaceful ways of living.

There is an apparent unfortunate truth about people currently living, especially in developed countries. Most would rather die than face the truth and change. But, if you will face the truth and change your life, then we can heal ourselves, others and ultimately the damage we have done to the Earth.

You may write me if you wish. My email is on the home page.

Daemon A. Bernstein
Letter to the President

12 January 2016
Aliens, Gods and Man

22 August 2013
Thoughts and Trees

19 December 2012
The Conundrum, Our History

13 December 2012
Mothers Create Society

1 June 2012
So Many Insane, So Little Time

7 May 2012

22 March 2011
Economic Dependence

24 March 2012
A Beautiful Living Garden

9 March 2012
We Need Human Bridges

4 March 2012
Economic Conquest and Plunder

4 March 2012
We Are Responsible


A Robot in a Man Suit

We Must Love

Artificially Stimulated Emotions

Peace and War

Message to the Most Violent Organizations on Earth

Wounded Souls

The Cause of Famine

Psychopathic Participation

14 March 2012
Whistle For The Atom Bomb

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